Stud Work


We offer a range of competitive packages for both walk-in, thoroughbred mares, and chilled / frozen artificial insemination (AI).

● All reproductive scanning per single full cycle followed by natural covering / AI.
● All drugs routinely used for managing the cycle and ovulation time.
● 1 x Artificial Insemination.
● Semen evaluation under microscope.
● One post-breeding uterine lavage
● 2 x pregnancy scans (at 14 and 30 days for heart beat confirmation).

● Visit fees (25% reduction in your normal visit fee)
● Sedation if required (a minimum of £15 inc VAT)
● Pre-breeding tests such as CEM / EVA / EIA + lab fees
● Any diagnostic procedure to investigate the fertility of your mare (e.g. uterine swab, uterine lavage,
endometrial biopsy, endoscopy).
● Any uterine or systemic treatment needed to optimise your mares chance of becoming pregnant
(costs depend on diagnostic findings, but it could vary from £100 to £400 inc VAT or more)
● Caslick procedure where needed (£54.50 inc VAT)
● Twin reduction + drugs involved
● Regumate if needed


● Walk-in mares: First cycle £308.70 + VAT: £370.44
Subsequent cycles: £242.55 + VAT: £291.06
● Fresh / chilled AI: First cycle £330.75 + VAT: £396.90
Subsequent cycles £275.63 + VAT: £330.76
● Frozen semen AI: First cycle £385.88 + VAT: £463.06
Subsequent Cycles £330.75 + VAT: £396.90


1. Pick your stallion.
2. Speak to the stud / stallion agent about the specific terms and conditions of your contract
with them regarding natural covering or supply of semen.
3. Establish the pre-breeding requirements of the stud if the mare is to be covered naturally
(pre-breeding testing usually includes CEM / EVA / EIA swabs and blood samples and/or a
negative endometrial swab on each cycle that the mare is going to be covered on).
4. Where applicable, please let us know what stallion’s availability is and any stipulations made
by the stud / breeding centre.
5. Book your mare in for the pre-breeding tests (CEM / EVA / EIA) well in advance or according
to the breeding centre’s requirements. It usually take 3–4 days for the test results to come
back and slightly longer in case of weekends and bank holidays.
6. Please discuss your plans with us in advance of your planned breeding and we will be able to
advise you appropriately.
In order to take advantage of our package prices, the full package fee is payable in full before any
work is started. Any additional costs are subject to our normal terms.

A live foal is not guaranteed but we will endeavour to do our best for each mare!
➢ In the interests of the safety, it is sometimes necessary to sedate mares for
examinations and procedures. This can often be reduced by the availability of stocks and
extra help at the yard to assist with handling.
➢ Acceptance of a package is deemed to be consent to any necessary sedation and to the
consequent charges.
➢ Please note, any internal examination carries a very small risk of injury, infertility or
even death.

If you would like to talk through any aspect of our reproductive medicine service please contact the
office on 01823 475208