Poor Performance


Reduced levels of performance may be caused by one or a combination of issues, including disease and injury to one or more body system:

  • low grade lameness, back soreness or other musculoskeletal issues.
  • medical abnormalities such as anaemia, viral infection, gastric ulceration or respiratory disease, heart disease.
  • gynaecological problems in mares.
  • dental issues.

Also, external factors should be considered:

  • Poorly fitting tack.
  • Temperament problems.
  • Rider or training issues.
  • Excessive demands for the horse’s natural level ability.

It is a complex and challenging problem in terms of diagnosis therefore it may take several days or weeks of investigations.

The assessment of poor performance in horses is based on a complete and accurate case history, a detailed clinical examination and the use of appropriate diagnostic techniques. Recent research has also suggested that a high-speed treadmill examination is a very valuable test that may be conducted in horses with poor performance, regardless of whether horses do or do not have a history of abnormal respiratory noise.
According to the circumstance, at Walker Equine Vets we offer our clients a comprehensive clinical examination, lameness assessment, radiography, ultrasonography, endoscopy/gastroscopy for horses with reduced performances.

If further further investigations are required, such as MRI, Scintigraphy, ECG/Cardiac Ultrasonography, high – speed treadmill, etc. we can arrange for an equine specialist to visit your yard where feasible, or refer your horse an appropriate equine specialist centre.