X-Rays and Imaging

X-rays and Imaging

X-rays – we offer both mobile and practice-based imaging services, this by using digital technology, the x-ray beam is converted to an electronic image providing instant results.

We can gain high resolution radiographic images of most parts of the horse, when imaging at the practice. Generating quality images of the upper limbs, neck and back which can be hard to obtain with standard equipment. All digital images are stored on a secure computerised database.

Ultrasonography – The practice has digital ultrasound machines which can be used for ultrasound scanning of the horse, pony or donkey.

Use as a diagnostic tool for lameness investigation, reviewing tendons and ligaments, soft tissue swellings. To assess the heart and vascular system function. To review the abdomen and structures within, important in colic investigation and viewing of internal structures such as kidneys, liver and spleen. Ultrasonic scanning is an important tool in our breeding work with mares, assessing ovaries and uterus, cycle stages and diagnosis of pregnancy. The scanning also supports our work when reviewing equine lung function.

Scanning is undertaken both at the practice and as a mobile service.